Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Top New Year Resolutions

1. “I will wake up early in the morning from tomorrow”-Go for some exercise as well for a healthy and prosperous life.

2. ” I will surely lose 10 kilos this year “-Get back in shape to look marvelous and work hard for that!

3. “I will definitely quit smoking”- Shrug off every bit of tobacco from your life and make it better.

4. “I will watch less television and extend reading habits”- Spending less time with the electronic alternatives may bring you back closer to some genius minds through some good books.

5. “I will minimize the number of pegs”- Don’t let alcohol drink up the rest of your life.

6.” I will spend more time with my family”- And enjoy the best part of your beautiful life.

7. ‘I will save more money”- Minimize your un-necessary expenditures and save lot more.

8. “I will keep in touch with my friends “– Otherwise they will forget you by the end of this year.

9. “I will donate something for charity”- A good cause to make yourself feel good.

10. “I will be more organized and punctual in life”- Take the chance this year and change your life forever.

11. “I shall pursue further education”-. Then only you can explore better professional opportunities in future.

12. “I shall take more interest social as well as political affairs”- Take out time to know what’s going around and take active participation.

13. “I shall visit the holy place at least twice a week”-Do this for the inner strength to fight back all odds.

14. “I shall spend less time on playing computer games”- Take a resolution of reducing the hours as they do affect your eyes badly.

15. “I shall adopt a pet”- this will be a positive gesture shown towards the society this new year and will make you feel good as well.

16. “I shall pay all my debts off”- make your life free of worries because financial liabilities will be there no more.

17. “I shall try to reduce my anger and control things” –Try to control this vice of human nature existing in you to come out to be a better person.

18. “I shall be try to get a better job”- Take an oath to make yourself better as far as professional life is concerned.

19.”I shall enjoy life”- Try to enjoy every minute of it with your loved ones.

20. “I shall give time to cultivate a hobby”- Take out time to cultivate one hobby that you have forgotten long back!

21.”I must get a makeover”- Take some time out to pamper and rejuvenate yourself in the salon this year. It will make you feel good.

22. “I shall expand my friend circle”- Make new friends this year and expand your horizon.

23. “I shall travel more” – explore the unknown and increase your knowledge this year.

24. “I shall start a blog”- Get upgraded technically this year and keep on updating the blog as and when you get time.

25. “I shall start up a new business”- Jump into it and grow successfully.

26. I will skip junk foods as much as possible”- Learn to say a “NO” to these.

27. I will learn something new”- don’t leave any opportunity to do so.

28.”I will buy a property in real estate”- you can purchase something for own self which will help you in remote future.

29. “I shall eat timely”-Make sure you take food time timely to gain a better health.


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